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Lately, instagram has become an extremely powerful social media platform, and is used not only for entertainment purposes and sharing images with the world, but also for the business development, branding, reaching out for customers, spreading the word about various causes & so much more. Modeling agencies have been using it to share the news, promote their models, and find new faces that will grace magazine covers and walk the runways around the world.
In this article, you will find some useful info on how modeling agencies do instagram scouting, DO’s and DON’Ts when reaching out to agencies over instagram, and the best ways to get insta- scouted.
Ultimately, there are three ways to get scouted on instagram:
1. By accident.
2. By #hashtaging your photo with the agencies official hashtag, stated in agencies instagram bio.
3. By submitting your photo to agency via direct message.
1. By accident
It doesn’t happen too often, so good luck with this one. Basically, sometimes an agent/ scout browses upon a „model looking“ person on social media, by accident. It is really a matter of luck, and you can’t affect it in any way, so consider the two options bellow.
2. By #hashtaging your photos
This is possibly the easiest way to get scouted, because the only thing you have to do is to pick one of your best selfies, and hashtag it with an agencies official hashtag. Make sure to have a few more photos of yourself on your profile, so if you trigger agencies interest, they will take a look at your account, see you in different events, angles, have a glimpse at your style and personality.
You should not make a separate account for scouting purposes, but instead hashtag your existing photos, that show the way you look. People who scout for modeling agencies are very experienced, and can spot a potential model bundled up in heavy clothes in the middle of the snowstorm, so don’t worry- they can see your potential even in those ordinary, everyday photos.
An important thing to remember is to always check if the person that reached out to you, after seeing your photos, is a legitimate representative of an agency. You can check this by contacting agency via their official e – mail address (which you may find on their website), but usually a scout that reaches out to you will send you their business e – mail address in order to further communication with you.
3. By submitting your photo
Not all of the agencies that do insta – scouting have the official scouting hashtag. In some agencies instagram bio, you might find something along the line of „DM us your photo to get scouted“. First – make sure that the instagram account belongs to a trusted, verified agency, eg: @fordmodelsscout, @elitenyc,, @modelscout_lemanagement, @bmmodelmanagement …
If this is the case, there are few things to consider, prior to submission:
– Only DM those agencies that take this type of submissions. First, check if they have the official scouting hashtag (which is more common), and if not- do they take DM submissions? If they do, they will write it in the bio. If there is no such info, they probably don’t accept DM submissions, so you should go to their website, follow the instructions, and fill out the online application form, instead.
– When sending a photo to an agency via DM, do not include other agencies in conversation. Messages are on a more personal level than hashtags, so you might come off as unprofessional for adding more than one recipient. Instead, send separate DM’s to different agencies. This way, if any of them is interested, they will reply, and you can have ‘one on one conversation’.
– Submit not more than two of your photos (face & full body photo), and if you get the response, You will also get the further details on what to do next (send a few more photos, additional info, meet them at the office, or so…).
– Photo(s) should be of a good quality, recent, showing you without make- up, dressed in a body hugging clothes. Do not send professional photos, bikini photos, large files, videos, bathroom selfies, etc… This is not what scouts need in this, initial phase (or ever- bathroom selfies).
– Include your Name, Age, Height and the Country you live in, along with the photo.
– Wait. If the agency is interested, they will contact you. It is in their interest to find new models, so don’t worry – they are checking those submissions regularly. If you don’t get any reply in a week or so, the chances are that you don’t have the look they are currently looking for.
DON’T – keep sending them the same photos every day; keep asking them if they’ ve got the message; keep commenting „please check your DM“ on every photo they post; send DM to Ed Razek asking if you can take part in Victoria’s Secret show; etc…
– Also, don’t get discouraged! Be honest with yourself – do you think you have the potential to become a model? If so, try with the hashtags, website submissions, open calls, local castings… But make sure to be an „improved version“ of yourself each time you do it. Work on your body, skin, posture and self – confidence. If it works, well – you’re welcome! 🙂 If it doesn’t, don’t force it. Modeling might not be the career for you, but something else is, so keep searching for it!
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